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At DTMG, our mission is to provide our clients with individual, in-depth career guidance and management in all facets of the sports and entertainment industries. We focus on each client’s specific needs and niche, and direct their careers appropriately.

A Full-service agency

We offer a complete range of services to our clients. Some of our services include: Artist Consultation, Event Consultation, Tour Management, Branding, Music Production Management, and Talent Buying & Event Coordination. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you!

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Career guidance you can count on – no matter your specialty.

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Our clients

From top athletes to talented musicians – take a look at who we represent.

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For Athletes

We provide a wide variety of services to the athletes we represent. Take a look at a full list of the services we provide, and at some of the star athletes we already work with.

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For Musicians

We work with musicians of all kinds. Check out the services we provide, as well as some of the musicians we currently work with.

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